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Contents and methodology

The master course will have three phases, one consisting of 20 weeks online distance learning, another consisting of 11 weeks residential training at the ITC/ILO campus in Turin, Italy and another distance phase of 21 weeks for the preparation of the dissertation.

  • 1st Phase: Preparatory Internet-based distance learning (550 hours). This phase includes 370 hours for self-studying and exercises and 180 hours for preparing and submitting the assessments.

Participants will have access to an on-line platform through which they will learn in an individual way.  They will receive support from tutors with expertise in the subject matter; participate in a forum, use the documentation centre, and network.

Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals and basic concepts of the OSH through the following eight modules:

Module A1: Introduction to the occupational safety and health.

Module A2: Occupational Safety.

Module A3: Occupational Hygiene.

Module A4: Occupational Medicine.

Module A5: Occupational Psychosociology and Ergonomics.

Module A6: National OSH Governance.

Module A7: Organization of OSH at the enterprise level.

Module A8: Participatory approaches for the improvement of the working conditions.

This phase is preparatory. It will enable participants with different levels and fields of knowledge to reach an adequate and homogeneous level for taking advantage of the residential phase.


  • 2nd Phase: Residential phase of Turin (550 hours). This phase will include classroom training (315 hours), study visits to selected enterprises and related training sessions (125 hours), and 110 hours of assessment.

Instructors will use lectures, discussions, exercises and other interactive learning activities to strike a balance between theory and practice and to stimulate discussion among the participants and professors. A practical approach based on the analysis and resolution of OSH issues will be taken.

The contents are split into 11 topics (one for each week). The modules in this phase are:

Module 1: Safety techniques.

Module 2: Management competences.

Module 3: Major hazard control.

Module 4: OSH management systems.

Module 5: Physical agents.

Module 6: Occupational hygiene techniques.

Module 7: Occupational toxicology and medicine.

Module 8: Ergonomics.

Module 9: Psychosocial factors & health promotion.

Module 10: Teaching skills.

Module 11: Organization and management


  • 3rd Phase: Preparation of Master thesis (400 hours). Participants will work individually in their country for the preparation of their Master thesis, assisted at distance by tutors and professors with OSH expertise.


Study visits

Technical visits to industries and other productive sectors will provide the opportunity for discussing with professionals in OSH management in various environments. Training sessions will also provide additional detailed explanation of risks and preventive measures adopted in the 15 enterprises from different sectors visited.



Participants will receive follow-up documentation with which to expand their knowledge of the topics. They will also have access to the University of Turin and ITC/ILO libraries. A bibliography and links section will be incorporated into the virtual platform for the distance learning phase.