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Assessment and diploma

Assessment of participants

The evaluation strategy uses different types of assessment.

  • Self-assessment.
    Participants will be given tools to check their own level of knowledge and produce feedback on their learning progress.
  • Assessment.
    Systematic  exams will assess the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme.


A first level Master diploma from the University of Turin (60 certified university credits) will be awarded to those participants who fulfil all following conditions:

  • satisfy the administrative and documentary requirements of the University of Turin;
  • satisfy the attendance requirements. (Attendance at all training sessions during the residential phase is compulsory. Only participants with at least 95% attendance of training sessions will be entitled to apply for the diploma).
  • submit the assignments within the set deadline;
  • pass the prescribed examinations demonstrating the level of competence required by the scientific committee.[1]


Evaluation of the programme

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the programme, including participants' opinions, will clarify any necessary corrective measures to be taken.


At the end of the programme, participants will express their opinions about the course's topics, activities, administration and organization in a final evaluation form.

[1] Participants who do not satisfy the mentioned conditions will receive a certificate of attendance.